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Joining and participating in CLFP will provide rewarding benefits to your company and to the entire California food processing industry.

What's Going on?

CLFP will hold its Annual Board of Directors Meeting (virtually), April 21-22. For more information contact: Olivia Johnson.

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Serve on a policy committee to contribute your knowledge and experience to the California food processing industry, as well as participate in other CLFP activities.


CLFP advocates member concerns directly to elected officials and regulators. There is no better way for your business to be heard than being part of CLFP.

                        2021 CLFP Industry Issues Webinar Series
CLFP is holding a series of Industry Issues Webinars in conjunction with allied industry organizations and companies. Links for information and to register will be posted here.
The Agriculture Export Crisis: Who & What Caused It? Why Does It Continue? What Are the Solutions? - Wednesday, May 12, 2021 10:30 AM

CLFP's SHC Virtual Silent Auction Has Closed
CLFP thanks you for your participation which helps make it possible for us to award deserving college students the much-needed financial support they require to receive a higher education. Thank you again for your involvement to this worthy cause. We look forward to your participation in future events!
If you would still like to contribute to the Scholarship Fund, please complete CLFP's Monetary Donation Form and submit to jackie@clfp.com.

COVID-19 and the Food Processing Industry
CLFP is in regular contact with government agencies, industry and association coalitions regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the state's food processing industry and is providing regularly briefings for its members. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Food and Drug Branch has compiled links to resources to assist the food industry during COVID-19. CDPH also has published a checklist for employers experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19 in the workplace.
Additional COVID-19 information also is available on our Member Resources page.
COVID-19 has created challenging times for many people trying to find food and other supplies.
Click here for a list of California Food Banks.

Food Processing Expo 2021
Due to the continuing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 as it relates to large gatherings, CLFP's Board of Directors decided to not hold an in person or virtual Food Processing Expo 2021. This was a difficult decision to make. We thank our longtime exhibitors and attendees and look forward to seeing you in Sacramento in 2022!

Economic Impact

See how the California food industry is a key driver of California’s economy.

$25.2 Billion

in direct value-added to California's economy

$56.7 billion

in additional value-added through indirect and induced impacts

                                                                                                                                     View Study

Membership Structure


Our membership includes international and national brands, private label and institutional suppliers and family-owned food processing businesses. The operations include canners, freezers, dryers, dehydrators, dairy processors and facilities that produce a wide array of snack foods, juices, sauces, olive oils and specialty food products.



In addition to our processor membership, nearly 300 affiliate members - industry suppliers - are included as important participants in CLFP and are an integral part of the multi-billion dollar food industry in California.

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Some affiliate members choose to be Supplier Host Council members, which offers additional benefits, such as exclusive networking opportunities at the Supplier Host Council Fall Golf Tournament and the Silent Auction and Reception held at the Food Processing Expo. Both events raise funds for CLFP's Scholarship Program.


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Upcoming Events

May 12

Webinar: The Agriculture Export Crisis: Who and What Caused It? Why Does It Continue? What Are the Solutions?

Over the past year, the American economy, and particularly the agriculture sector has grappled with widespread delays, bottlenecks, and increasing fees at our ports. This originated with the COVID pandemic,…
Feb 15 - 16

Food Processing Expo 2022

Sacramento's SAFE Credit Union Convention Center. For more information contact Olivia Johnson at olivia@clfp.com