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The CLFP Membership & Committee Directory is available in print and digital versions. It includes member companies, commodities packed, brand names, board and committee member names, addresses, plant locations, phone and email listings.

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CLFP Pesticide Program

In 2008 the CLFP Pesticide Program transitioned into a web-based system powered by Agrian.  The program is now subscription based, billed at an annual rate, and accessed online.  List updates will now be viewable on a real-time basis and subscribers will be notified of updates via an auto generated email.

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Water Use Efficiency Study

CLFP recently sponsored a study of water conservation practices at food processing facilities to help members find practical and cost-effective ways to deal with rising water costs and improve sustainability in times of drought. For uploading purposes, the report has been split into three parts.

Wastewater Land Application Manual

The purpose of this guidance manual is to provide a state-of-the-knowledge resource for designing and operating a land application system for best management of food process/rinse water.

ADOGA Manual

American Dried Onion and Garlic Association Manual. Official Standards and Methods. 14th Edition. April 2005


Tomato Page

California dominates the world production of processed tomato products.  

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Peach Page

California processes 100% of the United States’ canned peaches, and nearly all of the frozen peaches.

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Industry Links

CLFP works closely with other food processing and related industry organizations.

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