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Established in 1905, The California League of Food Processors represents the business interests of California’s dynamic food processing industry. Our food processing members supply the nation’s consumers with premium quality fruits, vegetables, juices, sauces, cheeses, snacks, nuts, seasonings and many other foods.


Phil Lempert at the CLFP Expo


Millennials a Large Force in America’s Passion for Food
Says Lempert at Food Processing Expo 2016

Americans’ passion for food is at record levels with millennials being a driving force, according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert who spoke at Food Processing Expo 2016 on Feb. 17 in Sacramento, Calif.

“People are more passionate about food now than we have ever seen in our lifetime,” Lempert said.

Millennials in particular have a passion for food and also are a very unique generation with different eating and shopping habits than previous generations, such as the baby boomers.

Lempert said research shows that millennials shopped at nine different retailers in the last 90 days compared to 6.3 for baby boomers and eat more vegetables than the U.S. average – a half serving more each day.

Phil Lempert at CLFP Expo

Posting photos of their meals and food on Instagram and other social media is a reflection of this passion.

“They grew up with mobile devices, they search the Internet and expect food accessibility 24/7,” Lempert said. “We need to talk their language.”

 “Millennials are also more adventurous in their foods,” Lempert said. “They never want to eat the same thing twice. They are the generation that gave us food trucks.”

As for millennial demographics, the oldest millennial is 35 and the youngest is 25, and there are now as many millennials as baby boomers.

“They are our future,” Lempert said. “We need to capture them now so we can keep them for the rest of their lives.”

Lempert is a consumer trends analyst and a former food trends editor at NBC’s Today show.

CLFP Expo 2016

The Food Processing Expo is California’s largest tradeshow devoted exclusively to food processing and is produced each year by the California League of Food Processors (CLFP), an association representing the interests of both large and small food processors throughout California. CLFP works to help ensure a favorable and profitable business environment for its members and the food processing industry.

Food Processing Expo 2017 will be held Feb. 8-9, 2017, in Sacramento, Calif., a week earlier than it is normally held each year.