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Phil Lempert at the CLFP Expo


Millennials a Large Force in America's Passion for Food
Says Lempert at Food Processing Expo 2016

Americans’ passion for food is at record levels with millennials being a driving force, according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert who spoke at Food Processing Expo 2016 on Feb. 17 in Sacramento, Calif.

“People are more passionate about food now than we have ever seen in our lifetime,” Lempert said.

Millennials in particular have a passion for food and also are a very unique generation with different eating and shopping habits than previous generations, such as the baby boomers.

Lempert said research shows that millennials shopped at nine different retailers in the last 90 days compared to 6.3 for baby boomers and eat more vegetables than the U.S. average – a half serving more each day.

Phil Lempert at CLFP Expo