Food Processing Expo 2021 Returns to Sacramento

Food Processing Expo 2021 will return to the Sacramento Convention Center February 9-10. The Center has been undergoing extensive renovation to improve and expand the facility.

The Expo is California's largest food processing trade show and is a must attend event each year for food processors and allied industry members.

Click here to view the 2020 Expo photo gallery. And click here to see what exhibitors and CLFP members have to say about the Expo!

Exhibitor registration is now open, and attendee registration opens this fall. For more information about exhibiting or the Expo, contact Olivia Johnson 

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Food Processing Expo Workshops

Multiple workshops are held on the show floor during the Expo. Following is a list of the 2020 workshops to provide you an idea the variety of topics offered. The 2021 workshops will be posted as soon as they are available. We hope to see you in 2021!

  • Where Can You Find Product Development and Testing Help?
    You think you have a great new product, but who can help you refine and test it to ensure it will be a success in the marketplace? Our speaker will provide a few key tips to help you get started toward having the next must-have food product.
  • How Can You Effectively Measure Sustainability?
    Many buyers want you to document your sustainability efforts, but all that paperwork is driving you crazy. Our speaker has extensive experiences with this topic and will discuss how can you tell your story in a positive, proactive and effective manner.
  • Tips for Avoiding Costly Labor Litigation
    Employment litigation is rampant and costing many employers unreasonable amounts of money. Our speaker is an expert at helping businesses prevent and minimize potential problems.
  • Food Labeling Regulations Update
    Nutrition Facts, GMOs, Proposition 65 and more; it’s tough to keep current on food labeling regulations. Our speaker will discuss the latest changes you need to know to avoid any missteps.
  • How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection
    OSHA inspections have always been a challenge, but with more new rules being implemented the task is becoming even more difficult. Learn how to prepare effectively to reduce the stress, hassle and expense.
  • Integrating Robotics and Automation into Your Operations
    Labor costs are rising fast and a new generation of technology is revolutionizing manufacturing. What kinds of automation and robots are available and how can you efficiently integrate them into your operation? Don’t miss this session!
  • How to Find and Work with Co-Packers to Build Your Brand
    Many companies have great products but don’t have the facilities, capital, or expertise to make all their products on a large commercial scale. Working with a co-packer can be the logical solution, and our speaker will discuss how to select and collaborate with a co-packing partner.
  • The Next Big Thing - Plant-Based Food Products
    Meatless burgers are all the rage, but is the trend here to stay? If so, what is next in the plant-based foods sector, and how can you be a part of this new wave of products?
  • Cyber Security - Protecting Your Operation from Malicious Hackers
    Businesses are facing the serious threat of computer hackers looking to extort money or disrupt computer systems. Don’t be a victim! Learn how can you protect your business from these threats.
  • Compliance with the FSMA International Adulteration Rule
    Compliance deadlines for this FDA Rule are approaching quickly, and you need to know how to meet your obligations. Our speaker is an expert on FSMA and food safety regulations and can answer all your questions.



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