CLFP Programs & Services

In addition to the many special reports issued by our committee system, CLFP provides members with the following communication tools:

  • News & Views – the CLFP newsletter, mailed to nearly 1,000 food industry professionals.  Member profiles, industry news, and important government actions are reported to all members quarterly.  
  • CLFP Membership & Committee Directory – a 200 page industry directory published each year.  The Directory contains listings for all members, including plant locations and products produced.  Over 800 industry leaders are listed in this important annual “Who’sWho” of the California food processing industry.  
  • “Legislative Update” – an update of bill tracking for government affairs professionals.  

Legislative Activities
CLFP has been highly successful in dealing with legislative proposals opposed by the industry, either through obtaining satisfactory amendments, or by totally preventing them from becoming law.

  • Analysis of all legislation affecting the business of food processing that comes before the State Legislature.  
  • Drafting and sponsoring proposed legislation designed to fill the specific needs of food processors.  
  • Legislative Representation – full service, professional representation of the industry before all levels of California government.

Regulatory Activities
CLFP effectively represents the food processing industry on numerous governmental and administrative matters.  It is frequently instrumental in achieving changes to regulations that could be very costly to food processors by imposing difficult and, sometimes, impossible, operating conditions and requirements.   Important issues addressed on an ongoing basis include :

  • Utility Rates
  • Proposition 65, ” Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986″
  • Food Labeling
  • Transportation
  • Pesticides
  • Plant Sanitation
  • OSHA/Worker Safety andHealth
  • Water and Air Pollution
  • Waste Disposal

Research Programs
CLFP members join together to fund ongoing research to improve upon both raw product coming into our plants and finished products we manufacture.  Projects are funded at research institutions throughout the world. Current projects include :

  • Peaches
  • Tomatoes

CLFP Pesticide List Program
The CLFP Crop Protection committee maintains and updates the CLFP Pesticide Lists – a complete compendium of every California approved pesticide for 24 processing crops.  Customized lists are available for companies with specific restrictions.  The lists are issued each winter and updated twice per year.

Industry Statistics
CLFP maintains industry statistics for the U.S. Processed Tomato and Canning Peach industries which include :

  • Current Inventories
  • Pre-harvesting Estimates
  • Weekly Deliveries to Processors

Annual Tradeshow
CLFP’s annual trade show, Food Processing Expo, is the largest state trade show exclusively for food processors held in Sacramento. 

  • The Exposition – no other tradeshow offers our unique layout where over 200 industry suppliers’ products and services are mixed in with food processor sample products.  
  • The Showcase Sample Display – a variety of Members’ premium quality California processed fruits and vegetables, as well as market samples representing products available in four major regions of the United States.