6 California Food Producer EDITION 2, 2018 6 California Food Producer EDITION 2, 2018 used as back-up did have one. As the compressor with the VSD fitted could better accommodate the varying plant needs and use less electricity in the process, using it as backup was not an efficient use of resources. By modifying the compressor settings to have the VSD compressor provide the base load and using the other, less efficient compressor as backup, the plant was able to save energy without any additional cost to the facility. The E2e project will continue gathering data until all participant sites have received access to the Lightapp software for 12 months, using all this information com- bined with weather and production data to determine the impact of the EMS on energy usage. The results will not only quantify the benefits of the Lightapp EMS, but also inform future energy efficiency policies and regulations. Energy efficiency is critical to California’s energy policies and industrial competitiveness, so deter- mining effective means of reducing electricity usage is an essential step in meeting these goals. For more information you can contact Kathy or Andrew at knagel@berkeley.edu or acampbell@berkeley.edu. The Energy Institute at Haas at UC Berkeley brings together research and teaching programs on energy business,policy,and technology commercialization. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the frontiers of energy research and the marketplace. The E2e Project is a joint venture of UC Berkeley, MIT and the University of Chicago focused on conducting and catalyzing research on energy efficiency. We’ve Got Your Business Covered Risk Management Solutions for CLFP Members At USI, we are dedicated to helping you manage your risks and improve your bottom line. We have food and agriculture specialists that combine proprietary analytics, broad experience and national resources to create customized insurance and risk management programs to meet the needs of California Food Producers. Experience the USI ONE Advantage® today! ©2018 USI Insurance Services. All Rights Reserved. USI Insurance Services 10940 White Rock Rd, 2nd Fl Rancho Cordova, CA 916.589.8000 | www.usi.com Property & Casualty | Employee Benefits Personal Risk | Retirement Consulting The Lightapp communication module installed at one of the participating facilities.