32 California Food Producer EDITION 2, 2018 I’m Abeer Haddad, the new IBC Account Manager with Buckhorn. As a California resident I am passionate about exceeding the expectations of CLFP members. With nearly 30 years of exceptional service in supplying solutions for frozen and aseptic food packaging needs, I am excited to help create Value for You using Buckhorn’s unique IBC solutions. Please reach out to me at ahaddad@buckhorninc.com if I can help you and your team in any way. I look forward to working with you! buckhorninc.com H■RECOLLECTING H R CLFP recently launched a new magazine feature – Recollecting – with items that appeared in a booklet “1905-2005 – California League of Food Processors Milestones.” K–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––k 1904The first meeting of the Canners League of California was held on January 12 at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce in the Merchants Exchange Building. L. F. Graham, a manager of the J.H. Flickinger Company, is elected the League’s first president. Howard Rowley is elected the first secretary. The League continues as a small-time association until 1919. The work in those early years focused on pure-food laws, 8-hours laws, product weights and traffic.