California League of Food Processors 27 on water users throughout the state to establish a Safe Drinking Water Fund. ■ ■ Independent Contractors – Potential legislation to support the ability of workers to work independently to counter a recent California Supreme Court decision that severely limits the classification of independent contractors. ■ ■ Western Grid Integration – Potential reintroduction of legislation authorizing a transition to a fully integrated western power grid. 2018 CALIFORNIA GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS All 80 California State Assembly seats and half the Senate seats were up for grabs in the general election on Novem- ber 6, 2018. Democrats won supermajorities in both chambers of the Legislature. Two-third majorities allow Democrats to raise taxes, suspend legislative rules and override vetoes without Republican votes. Vote totals updated since Election Day gave Democrats two Repub- lican-held state Senate seats in the Central Valley. Anna Caballero won the open 12th District seat, while Melissa Hurtado defeated Republican Senator Andy Vidak in the neighboring 14th District. Both are in the Fresno area. Vidak, of Hanford, has held the seat since a special election in 2013. The Democratic party also holds every statewide office, led by Governor-elect Gavin Newsom, who will soon make appointments to agencies and boards that have significant impacts on the food processing industry, such as the California Environmental Protection Agency, the State Water Resource Control Board, the California Air Resources Board and the California Resources Agency. TENTH ANNUAL CLFP CAPITOL DAY RECAP CLFP held its 10th Annual Capitol on June 20, 2018, in Sacramento. Representatives from multiple CLFP processor member companies participated in the day-long event, which provides an opportunity for CLFP member repre- sentatives to educate legislators about bills and issues of concern and interest to their companies and to the food processing industry. The Capitol Day morning sessions included briefings on a variety of legislative issues relevant to the food processing from: ■ ■ Kip Lipper, Senate Pro-Tem’s Office ■ ■ John Kennedy, Assembly Member, Republican Caucus ■ ■ Cory Bott, Senate Republican Caucus ■ ■ Jay Dickenson, Assembly Member, Appropriations Committee CLFP members spent the afternoon meeting with legislators from their districts regarding the status of current bills relevant to the state’s food processing industry. The day was capped with a reception with legislators and government members. HOW CAN CLFP MEMBERS SUPPORT CLFP’S IMPORTANT LEGISLATIVE EFFORTS? ■ ■ Contribute to the CLFP Political Action Committee ■ ■ Participate in monthly CLFP Legislative Affair Committee teleconference meetings ■ ■ Work with CLFP to provide tours of your facility for key local legislators ■ ■ Participate in the annual Capitol Day and Washington DC Fly-in events Your participation is critical to CLFP’s success in the legislative arena. For more information, contact Trudi Hughes at or at (916) 640-8150. Your participation is critical to CLFP’s success in the legislative arena. For more information, contact Trudi Hughes at or at (916) 640-8150.