California League of Food Processors 23 Students who complete the Farms Leadership Program can participate in programs that provides them with a deeper understanding of the agricultural industry and paid internships and job shadowing. Kimball said this multi-year program involving California locations also helps encour- age students interested in careers in agriculture and food to pursue long-term positions locally, something many California agricultural employers want. “We can help you bring in people from your own commu- nity,” Kimball said. The Center is always looking for new partners for the Farms Leadership Program, including food processors, and Kimball encourages CLFP members (some of whom have participated in Center programs) to consider involvement. The Center for Land-Based Learning also has a program for adults called the California Farm Academy, the largest of its kind in California, which includes a Beginning Farmer Training Program, an Apprenticeship Program and a Farm Business Incubator Program. The Farm Academy Program has been in existence for eight years and has 130 graduates to date with approximately 20 individuals participating in it each year, women making up about 50 percent of the participants. The Center is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary and depends on those in the agricultural and food companies investing in the program. For more information about the Center for Land-Based Learning visit Mary Kimball can be reached at Fostering the Next Generation of Farmers By LISA JAGER - CLFP Marketing & Communications Director CLFP member the Mariani Packing Company hosted a group of Center for Land-Based Learning program students. Students participating in Center for Land-Based Learning programs have visited several CLFP member companies, including the California Olive Ranch.