14 California Food Producer EDITION 2, 2018 efficiency. We sought to educate, motivate and support people to make lasting changes. Our goal was to guide them through the implementation of low- and no-cost energy savings projects, as well as teach their staff to actively manage energy to ensure ongoing savings. Throughout the workshops, participants learned about the many different options available to help them reduce energy usage and save money. In these workshops, we led refrigeration system operators and maintenance personnel through a curriculum that included both technical and energy management informa- tion. We taught them simple savings methods, helped drive initiation of those projects, fostered group collabora- tion and friendly competition and provided a supportive environment where participants could share their chal- lenges and successes with the group. Our workshops also provided energy performance tracking, which allowed participants to view the sum of their efforts clearly. While participants were aware of the impact of remedying major concerns such as heat infiltration issues, many were surprised to learn that simple practices such as implementing more optimized control strategies could also produce significant results. Each of these projects yielded substantial cost savings, for an investment of mostly time (and not a lot of cash). Through education and training, we empowered operators and managers to actively manage energy on an ongoing basis. This resulted in a lasting culture change at each participating facility, as well as a total electrical energy savings of more than 6% across the entire cohort. Our workshop curriculum is part of a holistic approach to energy management that we have fine-tuned over years of working with large industrial customers. The approach is similar to the recently initiated Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Programs by California Utilities. Cascade Energy currently implements these SEM Programs for Industrial and Food Processing customers on behalf of Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas and San Diego Gas & Electric. In addition to introducing low-cost energy saving opportu- nities, workshops like these can pave the way for coordi- nating and planning larger energy efficiency investments. California utility energy efficiency programs, as well as the newly created Food Production Investment Program (FPIP) run by the California Energy Commission (CEC), provide incentives and financing opportunities to reduce the initial and lifetime costs of these investments. Cascade Energy currently offers natural gas savings programs for food processors on behalf of PG&E and SoCal Gas in their respec- tive territories. Imagine the possibilities for your facility. When everyone feels like their actions are making an impact, those changes are more likely to become permanent. With our energy solutions in place, you’re free to focus your energy on producing and distributing the food that fuels a nation. Call us at (866) 321-4573, or visit www. cascadeenergy.com to discover what we can do for you. With our energy solutions in place, you’re free to focus your energy on producing and distributing the food that fuels a nation.