10 California Food Producer EDITION 2, 2018 ■ ■ Using renewable plants to balance the grid – Tests conducted by the ISO, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and First Solar in 2016 demonstrated that renewable energy plants with smart inverter technology can offer reliability services, including frequency and voltage control, and ramping capacity. This means renew- able energy can be integrated into power grids at a much higher level and faster pace than previously believed. For more information on the test results, visit the ISO’s Clean, Green Grid webpage at http:// www.caiso.com/informed/Pages/CleanGrid/default.aspx. ■ ■ Demand response – The ISO is actively pursuing demand response initiatives to enable adjustments in consumer demand. ■ ■ Time-of-use rates – TOU rates match consumption with efficient use of clean energy supplies. ■ ■ Electric vehicles – EV charging systems that are responsive to changing grid conditions will be key to evening out supply and demand. The ISO is pursuing a suite of solutions to unlock the power of emerging technology and innovation, and is committed to working with stakeholders, regulators, environmentalists and industry experts from throughout the west to usher in the green grid of the future. For more information about the ISO, contact Mary McDonald at MEMcDonald@caiso.com. Pacific Combustion a strategic division of Nationwide Boiler Inc Engineering www.nationwideboiler.com 1-800-227-1966 VISIT US AT BOOTH #835! RELIABLE BOILER RENTALS WORLDWIDE BOILER SALES NEW AND RECONDITIONED BOILERS AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT RENTALS & SALES INTEGRATED COMBUSTION CONTROLS BURNER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CUSTOM FUEL SKIDS UL CERTIFIED CATASTAKTM SCRS FOR 2½ PPM NOX UREA- AND AMMONIA-BASED OPTIONS EMISSIONS & EFFICIENCY MONITORING E2 STAK FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE