Welcome 34 California Food Producer EDITION 1, 2018 PROCESSOR MEMBERS LEPRINO FOODS 1830 W 38th Ave., Denver, CO 80211 Jon Alby Phone: 303-480-2800 www.leprinofoods.com Leprino Foods Company, headquar- tered in Denver, Colorado, is a global leader in the production of premium- quality cheese and dairy ingredients. Leprino Foods is the largest producer of mozzarella cheese in the world and a leading manufacturer of lactose, whey protein and sweet whey. For more information, please visit www.leprinofoods.com. Commodities: Cheese and related dairy Ingredients. AFFILIATE MEMBERS ALL PURE WATER HAULING PO Box 1382, Lodi, CA 95241 Bill Phillips, Owner allpurewaterhauling@gmail.com Phone: 209-224-5898 www.allpurewaterhauling.com All Pure Water Hauling provides distilled and reverse osmosis water in bulk. No minimum, no maximum, and highly scalable. AROL GROUP 2390 Satellite Blvd., Ste. D Buford, GA 30518 Jeff Pugliese, Western Regional Sales jeff.puglisese@arol.com Phone: 678-318-1290 www.arol.com AROL & UG are the global leaders for capping equipment in the food and beverage markets. AROL focuses on rotary cappers which run both metal lug/twist-off caps and plastic screw caps on one platform. UG provides in-line cappers to run metal lug/ twist-off caps. FT System is a leading supplier of inspection equipment for the food & beverage markets. FT’s products include empty can and empty glass inspection, vacuum/leak detection, fill level and various vision inspection systems. ATAGO U.S.A., INC. 11811 NE 1st St., Ste. 101 Bellevue, WA 98005 Marketing Department customerservice@atago-usa.com Phone: 425-637-2107 www.atago-usa.com With 77 years of experience, ATAGO offers the food processing industry a wide range of precise quality control instruments. Whether you are looking for in-line units, benchtop refractom- eters, acidity meters or viscosity meters, ATAGO has you covered every step of the way in quality assurance. BECK AG, INC. 4135 Los Coches Wy. Sacramento, CA 95864 John Finegan, Founder johnf@beckag.com Phone: 916-482-4730 www.beckag.com Beck Ag is an Ag information services company providing Ag and Ag-relat- ed professionals with B2B education- al opportunities, advocacy, experi- ence-sharing engagement and learning through peers about new products, services and technologies. CALIFORNIA BOILER 5331 Business Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 John Clarkson, Senior Vice President jclarkson@californiaboiler.com Phone: 714-891-0701 www.californiaboiler.com California Boiler offers a wide variety of boilers, ultra-low NOx burners, steam, hot water, hot oil heaters, heaters, industrial water heaters, fuel efficiency equipment, controls, water treatment units, and boiler parts and accessories. Also, rental boilers. CLIPPER CONTROLS INC. 660 Bercut Dr. Sacramento, CA 95811 Craig Johnson, Company Captain craig@clippercontrols.com Phone: 415-808-2469 www.clippercontrols.com AHOY! Clipper Controls has the latest knowledge and latest products to help you with your instrumentation, controls and analytical challenges. Common applications in the food industry we help solve are flow measurement, temperature, level control, gas monitoring, storm water sampling, wastewater treatment, power monitoring and air pollution monitoring. CRB 1251 NW Briarcliff Pkwy. Kansas City, MO 64116 Frances Fields, Business Development Coordinator frances.fields@crbusa.com Phone: 816-891-3764 www.crbusa.com CRB is a leading national firm in the design and construction of food & beverage facilities. Our team of engineering, architecture and con- struction professionals provide insight into new technologies and methods, process and packaging integration, lean design and food safety. CRYSTAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT Oakdale, CA 95631 Paul Favia, Owner paul@crystal-process.com Crystal Process Equipment proudly represents The Ing. A. Rossi Group and Stock America Inc. Stock Ameri- ca is an industry leader in batch and continuous sterilization equipment for in container processing of high and low acid products. Equipment include Static and Agitating etorts for batch processing, the unique Hy- drolock system for continuous processing, as well as related Material Handling Equipment. The Ing. A Rossi Group, based in Parma, Italy, is a globally respected manufacturer of a full range of fruit and tomato pro- cessing equipment, including Enzyme Deactivation, Finishing, Evaporation, and Aseptic Bulk Filling. Through their Aronpak Div., Ing. Rossi also offers complete packaging lines for glass and metal containers, including New Members