32 California Food Producer EDITION 1, 2018 management into existing business practices. CLFP has been actively engaged with both Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison concerning the develop- ment of these SEM programs on behalf of the food processing industry. CLFP’s goal is to ensure that food processors are the first choice for any pilot programs or incentives associated with the SEM rollout. PG&E 2019 Gas Transmission & Storage Application. In December 2017, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) filed it’s 2019 Gas Transmission & Storage (GT&S) Rate Case application. This latest application builds upon 2015 GT&S risk-assess- ment process and work approved in its 2015 GT&S proceed- ing and also incorporates two new safety and risk processes ordered by the CPUC. For 2019, PG&E is requesting a 22% increase over its 2018 authorized revenue requirement. If approved, the new rates would go into effect in January 2019. Initial estimates are for overall noncore transmission rates to increase in 2019 from $0.8286 in 2018 (from $0.7432 in 2017) to $1.3202 in 2019 or approximately 60% over 2018. PG&E Natural Gas Storage Proposal. As part of its 2019 GT&S application, PG&E also proposes to make a significant change to its storage service structure and is asserting two primary goals, (1) help replace high energy consuming equipment and systems in the food processing industry with market-ready and advanced technologies and equip- ment and (2) accelerate the adoption of state-of-the-art energy technologies that can substantially reduce energy use and costs and the associated GHG emissions. The first round of FPIP applications will be due in early August 2018. CLFP was active on the Governor’s Task Force in providing direction to the Energy Commission in the development of the FPIP Grant and has worked closely with the Energy Commission in the development of the criteria for project and participant eligibility. Strategic Energy Management (SEM). In light of the California mandate ordering utilities to double energy efficiency savings by 2030, the California Public Utilities Commission has given the green light to utilities to roll out a new $4 million industrial energy efficiency program to incentivize Strategic Energy Management, or SEM, in 2018. At its simplest, SEM represents a paradigm shift for how companies approach energy use. SEM takes a holistic approach to energy. Instead of the cost of energy supply, SEM focuses on risk mitigation. Its aim is to establish long-term energy saving goals by integrating energy Agribusiness Solutions Agribusiness Solutions Zenith Insurance Company California’s Agricultural Insurance Leader We’re the premier specialist in workers’ compensation nationally. We combine depth of expertise with a forward-thinking approach to achieve the highest level of service and outcomes for our food processing policyholders. We recognize that no two agriculture businesses are the same, particularly in an agricultural industry as diverse as California’s. We customize our insurance coverages based on your specific business needs: • Workers’ Compensation • Commercial Property and General Liability • Farm Property and Liability • Business Auto • Commercial and Farm Umbrella Zenith Insurance Company Corporate Office: 21255 Califa St., Woodland Hills, CA 91367. ©2018 Zenith Insurance Company. All rights reserved. ®Zenith, TheZenith, and TheZenith.com are registered U.S. service marks. Visit TheZenith.com® to learn more.