26 California Food Producer EDITION 1, 2018 CLFP elected a new slate of officers at its 2018 Annual Board of Directors Meeting held in Anaheim, April 19-20, electing Nick Kastle of JG Boswell Tomato Co., LLC, as its new chair. The theme of this issue of the California Food Producer (Other 2018-19 CLFP officers elected were Ross Siragusa, The Kraft Heinz Company, as first vice chair and Michael Mariani, Mariani Packing Co., as second vice chair. Janet Edwards, Musco Family Olive Co., will continue as immediate past chair. CLFP board of director members also were nominated to serve new and continuing terms on the Executive Committee. Nominated for 2018-2020 terms were: Scott Smothermon, Campbell Soup Supply Company; Pat Ricchiuti, Enzo Olive Oil Co; Michael Fuerst, Del Monte Foods, Inc.; Randy Rickert, Mizkan America; Mike Smyth, Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients; and Melvin Ward, Sunsweet Growers. Nominated to continue their terms for 2017-2019 were: Jim Lipman, California Olive Ranch; P.J. Mecozzi, Del Mar Food Products; Reuben Peterson, Los Gatos Tomato Products; Chris Rufer, The Morning Star Packing Co.; and Tim Hamilton, ConAgra Brands, Inc. MEETING SPEAKERS DISCUSS CYBERSECURITY, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MORE Meeting speakers addressed a variety of topics including: ■ ■ Francis Tam of Moss Adams LLP - cybersecurity and protecting your data (see Moss Adams article on cyber- security on page 20) ■ ■ Katie Wagner of Katie Wagner Social Media - ways to use social media to enhance your business ■ ■ Dr. Job Ubbink – an overview of the Food Science and Nutrition Program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ■ ■ Mike Wade of the California Farm Coalition – the Cultivate California Program SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING CLFP’s board approved $29,000 in funding for the 2018 Scholarship Program. For the second year in a row the board Nick Kastle Elected 2018-19 Chair at CLFP Annual Meeting CLFP’s new chair is Nick Kastle with JG Boswell, LLC. Prior to joining JG Boswell in January of 2018, Kastle spent nearly 15 years with The Morning Star Packing Co. and more recently with VSP Products, a division of Morning Star. JG Boswell is a vertically integrated company that grows tomatoes and processes tomato products for global distribution.