22 California Food Producer EDITION 1, 2018 Food Equipment, Inc Call (800) 929-9367 for more details Your best source for food processing equipment. Exclusive North American Distributor Food Equipment, Inc 5801 County Rd. 41 | Farmington, NY 14425 www.VRFoodEquipment.com Bertocchi Bertocchi Monoskid system combines cold extraction, cold deaeration, & pumping group to improve your product in terms of color and flavor all the while maintaining quality puree. The TAF Aseptic Filler is designed to fill 300 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 1-5 gallon bags (Optional: Automatic Bag Feeding) through a 1 or 2 (for large particulates) filling valve. TAF is the most universal machine for your aseptic industrial filling needs. ABL PDS Apple Peeler for Peeling, Slicing, Dicing for any size or variety of Apple PiGo EASY Freeze Dryer Most user friendly and easy to clean with various capacities and applications to meet your Industrial freeze drying needs.