14 California Food Producer EDITION 1, 2018 foods regulation (21 CFR 114). The Acidified Foods course meets the training requirements for 21 CFR 114 only. Who should attend BPCS? The BPCS was established primarily for operating supervisors, the individual(s) who is in the plant at the time a canned food product is packed and processed. We also have regula- tors, consultants, quality assurance managers, owners, and trainers or educators attend the course. What are the training topics? The topics cover “everything you need to know” about canned foods. We start with basic microbiology, the unique aspects of acidified foods and the fundamentals of thermal processing and follow up with container handling, record keeping, processing room instrumentation and sanitation. After that we cover the unique aspects of the various low-acid retort systems: still retorts, hydrostatic retorts and agitating retorts. Aseptic processing and packaging are covered before we move onto the different packaging types on container closures: metal, glass and semirigid and flexible.  We also offer an optional tour of the UC Davis pilot plant facility and our various retort systems and include demonstrations of container closures and quality control teardown procedures. What is the training format? Is there an online option? The training format for the BPCS is lecture. We do not offer an online version of the BPCS at UC Davis. The Acidified Foods Manufacturing course is a hybrid course. Participants must first complete an online course and then attend a one-day workshop that includes both lectures and hands- on activities. We highly recommend this course for smaller processors who are only producing acidified low acid canned foods (e.g., salsas, pickles). Do participants receive a certificate? Attendees will receive a certificate. Who should food processors contact to learn more about BPCS classes? We have a website where processors can find more information on the courses we offer:  http://ucfoodsafety. ucdavis.edu/Better_Process_Control_Schools/ Is there any other information you would like to provide about BPCS? The four UC Davis BPCS instructors have combined more than 100 years of experience with the food industry and two have extensive experience on a wide range of canning systems. s d and d 5A1 CentiMark is the Preferred ROOFING Contractor for the Food Manufacturing Industry 18-179 For more information contact: Dave Koumelis: 916-290-9894 David.Koumelis@CentiMark.com CentiMark.com ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Level 3 - Inspections ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Level 3 - Inspections Cu Requirements Cu o er Customer o Customer Requirements Requirements q Requirements Warranty Info Warranty Info Warranty Info k Leak History Leak History o Leak History All items complete omp All items complete plete Not all items complete Not all items co p Not all items complete