California League of Food Processors 33 In particular, CLFP has been engaged on warnings for Bisphenol A (BPA), as well as working with the Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) on a proposal to modify the safe harbor level for lead, which would have a significant impact on the food processing industry by increasing exposure to litigation. PROPOSED CAL-OSHA INDOOR WORKER HEAT STRESS REGULATIONS Cal-OSHA was directed by legislation in 2016 to develop heat stress regulations for indoor workers. The regulation will cover all indoor workers, including those employed in offices. Outdoor heat stress regulations have been in place for agricultural, construction and other work sites for a number of years. The preliminary draft regulation for indoor workers generated significant controversy about a number of issues, including the high heat temperature trigger for action by the employers, where and how to measure temperature in a facility, training and record keeping requirements, mandated rest periods and special provisions for workers located in areas with sources of radiant heat. Several unions are pressing for aggressive regulatory standards, while employers are concerned about the implementation of inflexible rules that will be cost- prohibitive, not suited for a wide range of work sites and counter-productive relative to the current use of company and site-specific injury and illness prevention plans. CALRECYCLE PACKAGING REFORM CalRecycle estimates that packaging represents about one quarter of California's total disposal stream, therefore its reduction and recovery plays an important role in helping to achieve the statewide policy goal of not less than 75 percent of solid waste generated be source reduced, recycled or composted by the year 2020. The department is focusing its efforts to identify and explore opportunities to reduce packaging as one part of a comprehensive set of strategies to reach the statewide 75 percent goal. CLFP has been engaging with CalRecycle via a manufacturing coalition. There are considerable concerns that CalRecycle will attempt to ban or regulate certain types of packaging materials.