California League of Food Processors 27 Ninth Annual Capitol Day Proposed legislation and issues related to water, labor and more were among the topics CLFP members discussed with legislators during CLFP's Ninth Annual Capitol Day June 20 in Sacramento. Senator Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield), who said she is from a family of farmers, kicked off the day with remarks about the current climate in California's Capitol given the new administration in Washington, D.C. She also expressed her support for the state’s food processing industry and acknowledged it can be a tough state in which to operate a business. “You’re (food processors) the best and the brightest,” she said. “Especially since it’s hard to compete with businesses in other states where you have fewer constraints. I’d like to know what you need, and how I can help.” In addition to being a highly regulated state for business operations, California sometimes proposes legislation affecting food processing businesses that are unique to the state. One CLFP member told legislators “our industries are the most effective of their type in the world. It makes it difficult to compete when California is the only state to have a particular regulation.” In addition to Fuller, CLFP members met with Assembly Members Vince Fong (R-Bakersfield) and James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Kip Lipper, senior policy consultant, Senate Pro-Tem's Office. These sessions were followed by CLFP members meeting with legisla- tors from their respective legislative districts. The day was capped off with a reception CLFP member companies participating in Capitol Day were the Campbell Soup Supply Company, the Morning Star Packing Co., The Neil Jones Food Co., Pacific Coast Producers and Stanislaus Food Products. See pages 30 for information about the passage and defeat of bills affecting the food processing industry in the most recent California legislative session. CLFP also provides its members with an opportunity to meet with legislators in Washington, D.C. when it holds its Fourth Annual Washington, D.C., Fly-In in March. For more information contact Trudi Hughes at CLFP. CLFP Members Meet with Legislators on By LISA JAGER – CLFP Marketing & Communications Director Senator Jean Fuller speaking to CLFP’s Capitol Day participants. CLFP’s Capitol Day Group on the steps of the state Capitol.