California League of Food Processors 21 sponsors’ most pressing problems and makes the world a better place to live as project solutions are implemented for the public good. What are they doing to prepare students to work in manufacturing? Students in our sustainable manufacturing program learn about manufacturing production, manage- ment, materials and automation. Additionally, our Capstone Design Program requires students to work with industry sponsors to identify and solve a real need and deliver a functioning hardware solution. Students take ideas from a basic concept stage, turn them into design solutions and fabricate and test the solutions to ensure they meet customer needs. What is unique about your program? We are cross-disci- plinary and industry sponsored. Mechanical and mechatronic students work together to solve a unique industry problem, often involving electrical and mechanical solutions and advanced automation and controls. Students work directly with industry professionals and have the responsibility of delivering a working solution. Do students get hands-on experience with modern technology? Students in all our departments work with the latest automation and controls, hardware and software, as well as advanced materials and processing and renewable energy technologies. Are the students also developing “soft skills?” Necessary professional skills including project budgeting, project management, time management, public speaking, alternative analysis and team communication are all taught and empha- sized in the Capstone Design Program and in sustainable manufacturing. In addition, quality management, manufac- turing automation and project management are taught in the Sustainable Manufacturing Department. How can food processors establish a partnership with their programs? Our Capstone Design Program is always looking for industry partners to sponsor design projects. Additionally, our faculty is actively engaged in research relevant to the food processing industry including biodegradable plastics, automation, controls and robotics, advanced vibrations, recovering waste for energy production and more. Contact the Capstone Design Program instructors, David Alexander or Greg Watkins and visit http://www.csuchico. edu/mmem/capstone_design/or call the MMEM department STUART VAN HORN, WEST HILLS COLLEGE Tell me about your program. West Hills College Coalinga (WHCC) offers degree and certificate programs in welding/ fabrication, industrial maintenance technician, agricultural technology and science, integrated pest management, and irrigation management and design. In addition, the college has developed curriculum for an associate of science degree in Food Science and Food Safety that will be available in Fall 2018. Manage Technology in the Food Processing Industry West Hills College teachers and students utilizing irrigation technology on its Farm of the Future.