California League of Food Processors 17 From fresh produce on the packaging line to fresh fruits in the field, Soft Robotics is branching out in more ways than one. It wasn’t long until the grain-based food industry came calling. “There’s a huge opportunity in bakery automation,” says Vause. “We found it fits right into our mantra of things that vary in size, shape or weight, and are easily damaged. We continue to find that this adaptability in automation is so important and we can help people.” Help they did, especially when it comes to raw dough handling, a long-time automation challenge for the baking industry. Check out this video where soft robotics meets soft dough. Editor’s Note: This article was reproduced with permission of the Robots Industry Association. To view the article in its entirety, please visit the following link. The Soft Robotics gripper is made of all FDA approved materials, according to Vause, so it meets the food safety cleanability standards. The fingers are made from food-grade polymer material and there are no electromechanical devices in the end effector, making washdown easy. Soft-actuating robot gripper gently handles bagged bread loaves. (Courtesy of Soft Robotics Inc.) RSMUSLLPistheU.S.memberfirmofRSMInternational,aglobalnetworkofindependentaudit, RSMUSLLPandRSMInternational. SEE CHALLENGES BEFORE THEY’RE CHALLENGING. Tomakeconfidentdecisionsaboutthefuture,middlemarket leadersneedadifferentkindofadvisor.Onewhostartsby understandingwhereyouwanttogoandthenbringstheideas andinsightsofanexperiencedglobalteamtohelpgetyouthere. Experiencethepowerofbeingunderstood. ExperienceRSM. We’reupto speed,so youcangofullspeed.