California League of Food Processors 13 “The minute a product comes out of a fryer or a freezer, or has been processed, that’s where customers are turning to JMP for help and support,” says Allen. “Our strength lies in collaborating with our customers to design full line packag- ing integration. We’re taking into consideration things like product quality, flow, and surge. These are especially important in designing a turnkey solution for our customers. Our systems have to meet FDA and AMI (American Meat Institute) standards.” Allen says 95 percent of the systems they build are shipped to clients in the U.S. In addition to its RIA certification, JMP is an authorized FANUC integrator and Premier Rockwell Automation Solution Partner. Allen says it’s important to work with suppliers whose platforms integrate well with existing systems in their clients’ plants and that are easily supported by in-house maintenance personnel. “Whether it’s corn dogs or egg rolls, or two-bite brownies or cupcakes, there are a variety of ways that you can handle product,” says Allen. “It really comes down to collaborating with the end customer to ensure that you’re addressing their concerns. JMP has designed, built, and integrated robotic systems for handling an interesting array of food products, including ice cream cones, brownies, corn dogs, cupcakes, and bagged food product. This video shows a variety of robotic food handling applications. “The vast majority of customers today want to know if you’ve handled their product,” he continues. “Often the answer is no, because there’s so many different unique products out there in the food space. Whether it’s fresh or frozen, or baked goods, it’s impossible for most systems integrators to have handled all these different products. But you can tie it back to similar shape and size, and environments that would be applicable.” PICK PRODUCT BY DAY, SELF-CLEAN AT NIGHT JMP has also developed an innovative robotic washdown solution for selective clean-in-place applications. The patent- pending system not only uses robots to wash the conveyors and surrounding equipment, but also each other. Watch JMP’s robotic washdown cell in action. During the day the FANUC M-430iA robots are picking and packing product at blistering speeds. At night they wash down their robot coworkers and their workcell, so they’re ready for the next shift. Now, that’s smart and sanitary. LABELERS HIGH SPEED INLINE & ROTARY * Message and Data Rates May Apply. You may opt out at any time by texting STOP to 59769. For help or information text HELP to 59769. VISIT OUR MOBILE SITE! GLUED 597 69 text to or scan our QR