California League of Food Processors 7 Over the past eight years, CMTA has joined with ETP to streamline the process for smaller training programs, under $100,000, which can be approved in as little as a few days. “We work with wineries and food processors of all sizes,”says Rob Sanger, manager of training services for CMTA. “If you would like to be reimbursed for your training program, we will send you a three-page form, which you can send back to me the same day and, quite possibly, be approved the next morning to start your training.” Sanger added that after Clos Du Val decided to go ahead with their project, they worked with CMTA to submit and process their documents over a three-day period for a total training budget of $30,000. The winery decided to apply to be reimbursed for training in material handling, forklift, in-house wine education, manage- ment, and communication and finance skills. Whether you apply through the ETP directly for a larger training program or are directed to a Multiple Employer Contractor for a smaller one, each will review your training needs, assist in developing a training plan and help you create the request for funding and the application. “We went through the ETP directly. Due to the large scope of this training program, it took four months from the initial call to project approval. ETP was very helpful during our initial application preparation stages. They went through the detailed application process with us thoroughly and once approved, assigned an analyst to our company who made sure we were set up correctly,”said Nicola Duffy, training and development manager for Trinchero Family Estates. “We have recently completed our two-year contract with ETP for over 5,000 hours of training for 700 employees,”explained Duffy.“We built a new state-of-the-art production facility in Lodi, California composed of two parts—a new bottling facility and an automated warehouse, said Duffy. Even though we had 80 employees that transferred from our Napa facilities, they needed to be trained along with our 145 new employ- ees on the new equipment. We also provided training to employees based in our other locations as they are also facing changes as a result of us opening our the new facility and needed training on new equipment, software, proce- dures and facilities,”she added. Processors to Fund Employee Training