Providing risk management solutions that will grow with your business needs Food processing is a complex industry. At Wells Fargo Insurance, our professionals provide the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to reduce the total cost of risk, so our clients can focus on what they do best — managing their business. • Crop insurance • Workers’ compensation • Educational seminars • Employee benefits • Risk management services • Product contamination and recall insurance • Highly protected property risk insurance • Workers’ compensation claims advocacy • Food safety insurance specialists Wells Fargo Insurance 1-800-257-4860 CA DOI#0D08408 ©2015WellsFargoInsuranceServicesUSA,Inc.Allrightsreserved.WCS-1664001 30 News & Views Magazine EDITION 1, 2017 receive hands-on training from an experienced mentor at the job site. OJT focuses on the skills and knowledge an appren- tice must learn during the program to be fully proficient on the job. This training is based on national industry standards and is customized to the needs of the particular employer. ■ Related Supplemental Instruction (RSI) One of the unique aspects of apprenticeships is that they combine on-the-job learning with related instruction on the technical and academic competencies that apply to the job. Education partners collaborate with business to develop the curriculum, which often incorporates established national- level skill standards. The related instruction may be provided by community colleges, technical schools or apprenticeship training schools – or by the business itself. It can be delivered at a school, online or at the job site. ■ Rewards for Skill Gains Apprentices receive wages when they begin work and receive pay increases as they meet benchmarks for skill attainment. This helps reward and motivate apprentices as they advance through their training. ■ Nationally-Recognized Credential Every graduate of a Registered Apprenticeship program receives a nationally-recognized credential. This is a portable credential that signifies to employers that apprentices are fully qualified for the job. For more information visit http://www.doingwhatmatters. or email Gurminder at