California League of Food Processors 27 bigger picture and the reasons behind certain procedures, all trying to get at a better understanding of how a particular task fits in with all the rest. (By the way, some seriously great innovations can come from this kind of an exchange.) Training plus relevant coaching is a performance multiplier. Coaching to a specific skill or behavior drives practice and feedback. This feedback loop provides information to both the individual and the organization by helping it constantly improve training. Coaching is a perfect way to involve senior staff members who may be near the end of their careers – it lets them“download”their vast stores of knowledge in a meaningful way. Their contributions to growing the next generation of workers helps keep positive organizational culture going and makes them feel valued for their knowledge. Build coaching into your expectations for supervisors and managers, and especially for your deep technical knowledge experts. You don’t need anything fancy - just remind coaches to actively share what they know and to praise the effort, even if the result isn’t perfect. In summary, organizations need to train new and existing workers in a variety of skills and behaviors. Effective training is focused and provides context and practice. When effective training is combined with good coaching it becomes a perfor- mance multiplier for individuals, teams and for the organization itself. Are you ready to unleash the potential embedded in your business? The Zenith Insurance Company is an affiliate member of CLFP. Keeping the training focused on exactly what people will need to do on the job is the most efficient and effective approach