24 News & Views Magazine EDITION 1, 2017 Regulatory There is no shortage of regulatory challenges for food processors, and CLFP staff work on a wide range of issues for the membership, ranging from food labeling, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), energy, taxes, water and environmental regulations. Some of our key priorities for 2017 include: ■ ■ Ensuring that proposed new Cal-OSHA regulations regarding indoor worker heat stress address employee safety in a manner that is focused on the specific jobs or locations of proven concern, can be implemented in a cost-effective manner and that any new standards are consistent with industry practices. ■ ■ Developing a reasonable safe harbor levels for lead, glyphosate and other Proposition 65 chemicals to shield processors from unreasonable bounty hunter litigation. ■ ■ Working with the California Public Utilities Commission and several utilities regarding the implementation of the new industrial Strategic Energy Management program, which will provide innovative new energy efficiency resources for food processors. ■ ■ Tracking proposed new regulations regarding wastewater discharge permits. ■ ■ Ensuring that the California Air Resources Board’s post-2020 program to address climate change can be implemented without putting an undue financial burden on food processors. ■ ■ Pressing for reform of the state’s beverage recycling program. ■ ■ Monitoring the development of groundwater management regulations. ■ ■ Working with the State Water Board regarding ongoing statewide water efficiency initiatives. Report By TRUDI HUGHES AND JOHN LARREA - CLFP Government Affairs Directors Members are encouraged to participate in CLFP policy committee meetings where these and other issues of importance are discussed in detail and advocacy strategies are developed. CLFP is your voice and advocate in the Capitol and your involvement enhances our efforts.