California League of Food Processors 21 CLFP Food Processing 2017 Many food processors are having a difficult time finding qualified mechanics, electricians, engineers, food scientists and other technical workers for their operations. In addition to workforce development and retention concerns, food processors must stay current on a wide range of employment regulations and worker safety laws. To provide an interactive discussion on this wide array of issues, CLFP conducted its first-ever Workforce Summit on February 7, 2017 in Sacramento. The morning session began with a discussion by several food processors about what they are doing to attract and train the workers that they need. The next session focused on programs available from the community colleges and universities to train the technical workers and how proces- sors can obtain funding for apprenticeships and resources provided by the California Employment Training Panel. These programs were discussed at the workshop along with the new California Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Collaborative. Guest speakers included three human resource managers from CLFP-member food processing company, and repre- sentatives from two community colleges and the California Employment Training Panel. The featured luncheon speak- ers were Tim Rainey, Executive Director of the California Workforce Investment Board and Matthew Roberts with the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office. The Summit afternoon sessions focused on regulatory compliance issues such as Workers’Compensation, Occu- pational Safety and Health Administration, and wage and hour standards. There have been changes in these regula- tions in recent years and excellent presentations on these topics were made by representatives from the Zenith Insurance Company, a Summit sponsor, Downey Brand LLP and Wells Fargo Insurance. CLFP appreciates the support from Valley Vision and the Ag Plus Workforce Consortium for their help in organizing and conducting the Summit. For more information about the Summit and CLFP’s ongoing efforts to connect food processors with employee training resources contact the CLFP office at (916) 640-8150. Workforce Summit By ROB NEENAN - CLFP President & CEO