California League of Food Processors 15 same. One will become two. Two will become four. Four will become eight. Soon, a movement will have begun that’s nearly unstoppable. It starts with your choice. 2. BE INSANELY MORE POSITIVE Barbara Fredrickson’s research has shown that – on a cultural level – when three positive emotions are evoked for every critical one, people can begin to thrive. She argues that positivity and negativity are both necessary for relationships to deepen and that 3:1 ratio is optimal to express the entire range of human emotion. Building on Fredrickson’s theory, research has also demonstrated that positive emotions lead to the production of oxytocin; the feel good brain neurotrans- mitter that’s often referred to as the“cuddle-chemical”or“bliss hormone.”Interestingly, oxytocin directly counteracts the effects of fear-induced stress hormones. It leads to better health and increases an individual’s willingness and ability to collaborate and learn. To facilitate this level of positivity and an environment ripe for collaboration, consider Frederickson’s 3:1 ratio. Make a point of regularly expressing empathy, compassion, gratitude, joy and recognition in the right ratios to begin unlocking the potential of every member of your team. 3. PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR GREATNESS We’re in the opportunity business, not the manipulation business. Most people yearn for an opportunity to learn, grow and reach their potential. The greater the opportunity, the more people are willing to work together. It comes naturally in the right environment. When manipulation is at work – in the form of incentives or threats – fear is evoked and opportunities are diminished. Resist the temptation. When“motivation”comes from an external source, it might simply be called“pressure,”or“fear,” which work directly against creating a safe environment. With a team of smart people in place, you’re halfway there. To bring internal motivation to the forefront, believe in your team while providing opportunities to build relationships. Make your expectations clear within a safe, positive environ- ment. It will lead to stability which leads to change. 4. EXPECT MORE Who are the professors you remember? The coaches that stand out from sports you’ve played? Employers who you still connect with even if you’ve gone separate ways? They’re probably the ones who pushed you to be your best.We aren’t programed to remember mediocrity. These individuals didn’t rely on incentives, prizes or bonuses. Instead, they made their expectations clear – perhaps beyond what you thought was possible – and they gave you the tools to reach and exceed them. We’re taught that love is“soft,”that it doesn’t belong in business. But, love isn’t soft, it’s a force that provides a push in the right direction that nothing else can. As long as your expectations are clear and firmly rooted in love, the results will be positive. By GARY HEIL and RYAN HEIL Gary Heil speaking at CLFP’s 2017 Food Processing Expo Kickoff Breakfast.