California League of Food Processors 13 IS THE DEPARTMENT OFFERING NEW COURSES TO ADDRESS EMERGING ISSUES IN FOOD SAFETY AND FOOD REGULATIONS IN GENERAL? Food Safety is one of the principal areas of Cal Poly’s Food Science program.We are offering FSN 370 Food Plant Sanitation and FSN 375 Food Safety, generally taken in the third year. We are currently introducing FSN 275 Elements of Food Safety as a basic course for sophomores, and FSN 575 Advanced Food Safety for graduate students. Elements relating to food safety are integrated in numerous other courses as well. HOW CAN CALIFORNIA FOOD PROCESSORS BEST CONNECT WITH YOUR FOOD SCIENCE STUDENTS REGARDING INTERNSHIPS AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES? They can contact me if they would like to discuss the specifics of internships and how it can be made to fit both the student and their company’s needs. If you have an internship or job description announcement ready, you can send it to Pamela Montalban (, who is coordinating and disseminating these announcements. As Food Science faculty, we are striving to integrate internships in the curriculum, so that in the future students can get credit for their internships. This however requires that the internships fulfill stringent requirements with respect to learning outcomes. We are highly interested in discussing such options for additional hands-on learning by our students! The Cal Poly Food Science Department has both a LinkedIn and a Facebook account.You can also visit their website at TeamCalifornia represents all cities and counties in California, marketing your industry for growth and expansion and building connections to a skilled workforce. Become a TeamCalifornia Member Today • 3,400 Food Manufacturing Firms $220 Billion Economic Output1 760,000 Jobs 1 Direct & Indirect 2012 ONE CALL FOR ALL OF CALIFORNIA 916-967-9900 | WWW.TEAMCA.ORG MARY@TEAMCA.ORG IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CALIFORNIA EMPLOYMENT TRAINING PANEL CALIFORNIA FOOD PROCESSORS