10 News & Views Magazine EDITION 1, 2017 Editor’s Note: CLFP has a close working relationship with the Food Science and Nutrition Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The program has a very dedicated faculty and the university motto of “learning by doing” ensures that the students graduate with hands-on experience that prepares them to succeed in the workplace. In 2016, Dr. Job Ubbink was hired by the University to become the new department head, and he came to the position with a broad range of industry experience. CLFP asked Dr. Ubbink to provide his perspective on his new position and the future of the department. DR. UBBINK, YOU JOINED THE CAL POLY SLO FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION DEPARTMENT AS CHAIR IN 2016, WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE THAT? I earned my master’s degree in physical chemistry from Leiden University and doctorate in chemical technology and materials science from Delft University of Technology, both in the Netherlands. I have 18 years of experience in the food industry as a research and devel- opment (R&D) scientist, scientific expert and consul- tant. For 10 years I was at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzer- land, where I was mainly active at the interface between food materials science, food technology and nutrition. I then went on to teaching food technology at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, combined with numerous assignments as consultant to the food industry. I am also a visiting professor at the School of Food Engineering at the University of Campinas in Campinas, Brazil. HOW DOES YOUR BACKGROUND IN INDUSTRY HELP YOU IN YOUR NEW POSITION? In industry, you learn how to quickly focus on the company’s actual needs. As a scientist in industry, you always have to strike a balance between pressing short term needs to keep projects going and teams delivering on time and the long term need to build a science and technology platform, which is the essential for sustainable innovation and growth. I feel privileged in that in my industrial career, I have been exposed to a very wide range of products and processes, which has given me the opportunity to broaden my scien- tific and technological competencies and see innovation in action. One important thing that I have learned in industry is that it is essential in industrial R&D to not forget your scientific and technological basis. As a mentor of recently hired R&D Dr. Job Ubbink, Food Science and Nutrition Department head, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Interview with Dr. Job Ubbink Head, Food Science and Nutrition Department,