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California League of Food Processors 7

indirectly responsible for just over 100,000 jobs in 2012.

Rounding out the top five California food and beverage

processing sectors for 2012 in terms of value-added

were: baking (comprised of bread and bakery product

manufacturing; cookie, cracker, and pastamanufacturing;

and tortilla manufacturing); fruit and vegetable canning,

pickling, and drying; and soft drink and icemanufacturing.

These sectors were responsible for $2.64 billion, $2.22

billion, and $1.72 billion in direct value-added activity,

respectively. In terms of employment, the baking sector

accounted directly or indirectly for more than 89,000

jobs, the fruit and vegetable canning, pickling, and drying

sector was responsible for another 73,000 jobs, and total

employment due to the soft drink and ice-manufacturing

sector was about 58,000.

California’s food and beverage processors are also

important contributors to tax revenues at all levels of

government. Statewide each million dollars in output

by the sector generates nearly $100,000 in additional

federal taxes and nearly $78,000 in additional state and

local taxes. In total, we estimate that Statewide the sector

was responsible, directly or indirectly, for $10.5 billion in

federal tax revenues and 8.2 billion in state and local tax

revenues in 2012.

Impacts in Selected Counties

Table Five reports economic impacts from food and

beverage processing for 30 individual counties in

California chosen based upon the importance of food

and beverage processing in these local economies. The

direct value-added due to food and beverage processing

in these 30 counties accounts for 72% ($18.1 billion)

of the statewide total, with Los Angeles County alone

accounting for 24% of the state’s direct value added.

These 30 counties are responsible for 86% of direct food

and beverage processing sector jobs in the State.

Among the 30 counties included in the table, Stanislaus

County is second in terms of total value-added activity,

employment, and sector output, with nearly $1.3 billion

in direct value-added economic activity in 2012, with