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California League of Food Processors 27

feedback as the core of a state-wide strategic plan. Some

of the key recommendations from participants included

finding sources of financial and technical support for

submetering and dashboard systems, providing clarity

on how upcoming energy regulations impact industry,

developing a peer-to-peer forum to exchange information

and ideas and providing a more strategic approach to

technical training.

The results from this workshop will be combined

with input received from other workshops and from

interviews held with other trade associations, energy

utility companies and state agencies. Once approved,

the strategic plan has the potential to influence utility

programs and state policy.

If you have any questions about the plan or missed the

workshop and would like to be involved, please contact

me at

or contact the CPUC’s consultant on

this project: Sergio Dias at

When CLFP, PG&E and the California Public Utilities

Commission hosted a workshop in Stockton, staff from

15 food-processing companies attended. Why would

they, and folks from other industries, spend half a day

talking about energy efficiency?

The California food processing industry consumes an

estimated $1.3 billion worth of energy each year. And

although many facilities have made much progress to

use energy more efficiently, there is still much that we

as an industry can do. Estimates show that industry in

California has the potential to save 10% or more of its

energy consumption over the next 10 years. In fact, our

neighbors to the North, the Northwest Food Processors

Association, have created a voluntary program with the

goal to reduce their energy intensity by 25% in 10 years.

The Stockton workshop provided a forum to hear

directly from California industry members about what

actions would improve our use of energy and to use that

CLFP Collaborating to Improve

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

By rob neenan

clfp President & ceo