About CLFP

CLFP is devoted primarily to furthering the interests of the food processing industry before the State Legislature and regulatory agencies, and is also a major representative for the California industry at the Federal level.  CLFP’s purpose is to foster a favorable environment for the growth and strength of the industry within the state.  In doing so, California processors can continue to provide consumers with safe and wholesome food produced in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. 



Our current membership includes the most powerful brand names in the United States food business, as well as the largest producers of private label and institutional food products.

Member companies are primarily canners, freezers, dryers, and dehydrators of fruits and vegetables.  Additional processor members include snack foods, juice bottlers, and specialty processors of a variety of food products. Our members operate over 150 processing plants located throughout the State of California. 

In addition to our active company membership, over 250 affiliate members – industry suppliers- are included as important participants in CLFP.


Board of Directors

When you join CLFP as an active processor member, you determine your representative to serve as a director.  Usually a senior company executive, your director will meet with his or her peers three times per year.  The Board of Directors holds a fall meeting, a winter meeting during our annual convention, and a spring meeting.  Public policy positions and staff strategic goals are set with every member “at the table.”


Committee Structure

Nine active policy committees are the backbone of CLFP.  Member company experts come together to identify emerging issues and recommend policy and actions for consideration by the Board of Directors. Committee membership is open to all active and affiliate member companies.  Each committee is an important, functioning part of the CLFP structure.  Every year these groups analyze a wide variety of public policy issues and recommend specific action responses to our Board of Directors.  Most of our continuing member service programs are managed by one or more CLFP committees.